Release Information

Blues For Peace is the first Hungarians studio CD. All originals by Hairy Larry it was recorded in the fall of 2008 at the HairyLarryLand studio in Jonesboro, Arkansas. The rhythm tracks were all recorded as a band with vocals, harmonica and auxiliary percussion overdubbed. The guiding principal was to produce a vintage sound going back to the fifties when the bands would all play together and record to mono. Vintage microphones were used throughout the CD which was recorded and mixed on a Fostex VF-160 hard drive recorder. The songs were mastered in SAW Classic.

Hairy Larry and The Flying Hungarians is a family band featuring Hairy Larry and his children plus Randy Gambill, a close friend. We all mean it when we sing “Blues For Peace” and we hope and pray that this small statement has some effect.

Blues For Peace
Hairy Larry and The Flying Hungarians

1. Ride Me To Heaven —– 3:07
2. blue nines ———— 2:46
3. Blues For Peace ——- 2:42
4. The Way ————— 2:13
5. Won’t Be Down Always — 4:35
6. Guitar Blues ———- 2:42
7. Sneakin’ Round ——– 3:16
8. Fish Story ———— 3:28
9. Youngblood Revolution – 2:02


Hairy Larry – guitars, harmonica, percussion, vocals
Randy Gambill – drums, vocals on “Blues For Peace”
Kier Heyl – drums
Carl Heyl – bass
Megan Heyl – percussion, vocals on “Blues For Peace”